Instructions and FAQs

To Produce Heat

To activate the pack, press or flex metal disc to initiate reaction. Once pack is activated, knead pack back and forth until soft. The Pack can now be molded to any part of the body.

The pack temperature will rise to 130º F or 54º C. Always test on skin for heat sensitivity.


How are they Reusable?

Really Simple… once the heat has been exhausted, just drop your Molten-Magic™ hand warmer in gently boiling water for 5-15 minutes (do not leave unattended) depending on the size of the product. The heat reverses the reaction and crystals will then turn back in to the liquid form. Once cooled to room temperature, Molten-Magic™ are ready to used again.

  • When first boiled the mixture inside the pouch is heated to completely dissolve the sodium acetate in the water. This makes the contents clear and liquid.
  •  After cooling, the sodium acetate remains dissolved producing a solution that is supersaturated.  
  • This means that the heat energy that was required to dissolve the sodium acetate into the water still remains in the system even though the temperature has dropped.
  • The clicking of a disk within the pad triggers the exothermic reaction of the sodium acetate crystals. When the crystals precipitate, it releases the energy that was required to initially dissolve it and stored in the pouch.
  • The release of energy raises the temperature to a maximum temperature of 130F (54C). The process is theoretically repeatable indefinitely.


Are the Contents of Molten-Magic Heat Packs Safe ?

Yes. The contents of each Molten-Magic are considered Safe and Non-Hazardous.  The Packs are made of medical grade vinyl that is hypo-allergenic and resistant to puncture and wear. It contains a non-toxic solution of sodium acetate (food grade) and distilled water.


Can they be used in Water?

Yes they can! We have many customers who use Molten-Magic for scuba diving and snorkeling. Unlike the disposable kind that are typically sold in sporting good stores Molten-Magic™ will continue to work, even in the water!

How long does the heat last?

Reusable HeatPacks hand warmers will typically stay warm for 20 minutes up to 2 hours, and then gradually cools down. Heat duration depends on: Size, How it is used, & How well the product is insulated during use.

  • First, once the clicker has activated the pack, make sure to squeeze the pack well to get it soft and flexible. 
  • Second, keep cold air away from the hand warmer and heat pad. For Hunters, Fishermen and Campers we recommend that you keep your Reusable HeatPacks stored on an inside pocket of your jacket or coat until they are ready to be used. You will find this to greatly improve the performance and use of your Reusable HeatPacks for outdoor activity. 
  • Third, keep the pack insulated if possible.  Use an insulated pouch, muff, covers, etc.   This will make a big difference.


How many times can they be used?

Hundred of times or till you wear ‘em out! For longest life, elevate the product off the pan’s surface during boiling (try placing a washcloth on bottom of pan to prevent pack from sticking or melting to bottom of pan). Boiling in distilled water is recommended for those customers who have extremely Hard or Mineralized water.  Although having no effect on performance, hard water can cause discoloration of the outside of the pouch.


What is in the Molten-Magic™ pack?

Molten-Magic™ reusable hand warmers contain water, a small metal disc and sodium acetate, a safe food grade salt ingredient.


How should Molten-Magic™ be stored?

Molten-Magic™ hand warmer and heat pads are best stored in the liquid clear state for long term storage.  Do not leave heat pack in solid state for more than 2 weeks. Always store in liquid state for best durability and life of product.

Protect from freezing!  If product does freeze, just place in boiling water until all the crystals are dissolved. Take out of water and let cool to room temperature.


After Boiling My Molten-Magic starts to harden on its own?

This will sometimes happen and means that they were not boiled long enough. Remember ….boil until all signs of crystals are gone and leave them in for one minute longer. Longer boiling will not affect the product or performance.


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